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The Muthoot Pappachan Football Academy Philosophy

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We at Muthoot Pappachan Footabll Academy aim to create an environment in which the players are encouraged to express themselves and play freely without fear. In the long run, this will help in creating confident and self-assured players. Young players need to be nurtured with care so that they can realise their full potential and this is why our focus is on long-term development rather than short-term goals.

The target is to develop technically accomplished players who are intelligent, tactically aware and can adapt to the demands of the game. For this purpose, we encourage our players to play creative, attacking football with a winning mentality.

Muthoot Pappachan Footabll Academy has age-appropriate coaching sessions which are challenging but achievable despite its high standard. Our teams look to follow all the principles of play: In possession/out of possession/transitions specific to their phase.

We have teams from the U13 to the U17 level with the emphasis varying for different age categories. For example, for the kids aged 8-13, the focus is on achieving technical excellence. In addition to the on-field development, our staff will also look into the psychological development of the students. This will be analyzed based on their commitment, concentration, control, communication and confidence.

The Muthoot Pappachan Football Academy focuses on the all-round development of its students. Developing as a footballer is important but developing as an individual is crucial.

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Develop and recruit young and hungry players/Student who understand the academy's DNA and are capable of meeting the demands of playing at the highest level.


Inspire a coaching and support service that continually strives to lead standards through a dynamic, hard working and solution led approach. To complete with the best academy's and have the best Provision in place.


Develop Young champions who are hard working, respectful and disciplined in their approach to life through an integrated and multidisciplinary approach Practice, Prepare and Perform in facilities that inspire individuals to achieve their potential.


Display an excellent attitude at all times with a desire to be the best -a growth mindset


Take responsibility and be prepared for aspects of your performance.


Lead by example and inspire others to strive to improve.


Be proud of our academy and its identity ensuring that we live up to the high standards set.


Have a willingness to learn, understand and continually develop ourselves and others.


Strive for excellence through preparation and performance of the highest possible level.


  • To maintain and establish a statues to be amongst the top elite academy's.
  • To Aspire to provide the Best Practice and best Provision for players/students
  • To provide the options of full time programme for all academy players/students
  • To provide an individual programme of education for all post 16 players/students
  • To have full time coaches working at every academy age group
  • 70-80% of home grown players/students at the academy